Young Generation event

On November 16th, the Yes-I-Do-event will take place in Belgium. The first part of day is dedicated to student but the evening part is the first BNS-YG social event since 2009. It is a great opportunity to:

• Meet your fellow nuclear professionals in a friendly atmosphere
• Get contact with 50 last year students in Engineering that would have spent the day at BNEN presentation
• Represent your company

I also think that your participation will be very helpful for the students that will be there. Most of them have an interest in the nuclear technology and industry but a most are shaken by the current Post-Fukushima situation. It is really important to show them that young professionals like us have and will have possibilities in the future to work in that field.

Practically, you just have to subscribe by mail and come at the address indicated. Food and drinks will be provided in a informal and fun way and I am sure we will have great fun.

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