IYNC 2012 – the international conference of nuclear young specialists

During August 5-11 2012, the city of Charlotte, in North Carolina, USA hosted the international youth nuclear congress – IYNC 2012.
The organization with the same name was created in 1997 with the purpose of representing and uniting the interests of nuclear young specialists from around the world. The newly created entity organized the first congress in 2000, in Bratislava, Slovakia and continues to host biannual conferences in different countries around the world in order to ensure diversity and integration of as many young people as possible. The mission of IYNC is to promote information and experience exchange between generations, to prepare the future nuclear specialists and to communicate and inform the public as regard to the benefits of nuclear power, supporting its development.
This year’s conference was organized in co-operation with the North American Young Generation Network and it was hosted for the first time in the United States. The city of Charlotte represents an important economic centre, home to important nuclear companies (AREVA, GE, Westinghouse) and financial companies headquarters such as Bank of America. There are 7 nuclear power plants operating in the vicinity of Charlotte.
IYNC 2012 focused on the concept of “strategic planning” applied in the nuclear field and its ramifications on 3 components directly linked to the young generation: opportunity, growth, innovation. Like in the previous editions, IYNC 2012 benefited from the presence of important key note speakers from both American and international companies, such as Jean-Pol Poncelet, Director General FORATOM, Eric van Walle, Director General SCK Belgium, Steven Kuczynski, President and CEO of Southern Company SUA, Ricardo Perez, President of Westinghouse, Alexander Fertman, Director of Moscow Nuclear Institute, Russia, Atsuyuki Suzuki, President of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency. The senior speakers shared their knowledge and experience with the young professionals and underlined the importance of continuous training in order to ensure performance in the nuclear sector.
The discussion topics focused on all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle from design and engineering to operation, maintenance and decommissioning. Other subjects focused on the advances in nuclear medicine and radioprotection science as well as human resources management strategies. A total of 19 interactive workshops were organized on the main concerns and debates in the nuclear field: Is nuclear power sustainable? Small nuclear power reactors, financing new nuclear projects, the results of the stress tests in different countries, etc which offered the participants the opportunity to discuss and to work together in order to find solutions.
The last day of the conference was dedicated to technical visits to the many nuclear facilities around Charlotte: Electric power research – EPRI and UNCC EPIC, Westinghouse nuclear fuel plant, University of South Carolina, VC Summer new plant construction, duke power plant and Turbine manufacturing facility, Palmetto health gamma knife facility.
Romania was present at every edition of IYNC, the one in 2012 being the 7th. Andrei Goicea, Head of the Technical Support Office with Nuclearelectrica and President of the ENS-Young Generation gave a presentation on the challenges of new nuclear projects with reference to Cernavoda NPP – Units 3 and 4 project. Lavinia Rizea, public relations specialist with Nuclearelectrica was involved in the organization of the conference together with an international team of young professionals and was elected as Executive Secretary of the network.
A total of 600 participants attended the conference in Charlotte, representing 33 countries. 120 technical papers were presented, making this the largest IYNC ever organized.
IYNC 2014 will take place in Burgos, Spain with the support of Jovenes Nucleares.

IYNC 2012

There are only two months left until the International Youth Nuclear Congress, which will take place during August 5-11, in Charlotte, USA.

Please use this early opportunity to register to the conference at a low registration fee at the following address:


We recommend to start visa preparations early as well. More information regarding US visas can be found at:


Also,  do not forget to book your hotel room at a special price for IYNC attendees. More information about the Westin Charlotte Hotel and reservations can be made at: http://www.iync.org/iync-2012/congress-information-/venue.html





IYNC 2012 is expected to be the largest international young professional conference of the year which will bring together people from all continents in an interactive and friendly environment tailored for experience and knowledge exchange.


Why should you attend IYNC 2012?

  • Multiple technical paper sessions will be conducted. You will have the opportunity to present your research by submitting papers. This will provide you the opportunity to have your research published and to present alongside recognized experts in their field.
  • Charlotte is a vibrant, accessible and affordable city in the heart of the Carolinas. Dozens of nuclear companies have opened offices in Charlotte and will be present at the conference in order to make new contacts and seek out cooperation opportunities.
  • The conference will provide opportunity to participate in a number of technical tours including touring a new nuclear construction site, an operating nuclear power facility, a nuclear research institute, a nuclear medicine facility or a non-nuclear power generation facility.
  • The conference will include an entire track dedicated to professional development. Young professionals will learn why strategic planning is an important aspect of nuclear science and technology’s future and how to develop a strategic plan for their organization
  • New to IYNC, this conference will include multiple workshops aimed at teaching young professionals the knowledge, skills and behaviors they will need in their future careers.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further information at: registration@iync.org

Young Generation event

On November 16th, the Yes-I-Do-event will take place in Belgium. The first part of day is dedicated to student but the evening part is the first BNS-YG social event since 2009. It is a great opportunity to:

• Meet your fellow nuclear professionals in a friendly atmosphere
• Get contact with 50 last year students in Engineering that would have spent the day at BNEN presentation
• Represent your company

I also think that your participation will be very helpful for the students that will be there. Most of them have an interest in the nuclear technology and industry but a most are shaken by the current Post-Fukushima situation. It is really important to show them that young professionals like us have and will have possibilities in the future to work in that field.

Practically, you just have to subscribe by mail and come at the address indicated. Food and drinks will be provided in a informal and fun way and I am sure we will have great fun

More information on

Workshop Young Generation Romania

Monday, 17th of October the Young Generation Department of AREN held a numerous meeting summarizing it’s past activitites and planning it’s future ones, within the International Symposium Nuclear Energy SIEN 2011. The participants were members and potential members from all the organizations affiliated to the Romanian Association Nuclear Energy (AREN), showing interest in finding out the news and most importantly future YG activities.

We proposed 2 new vice-presidents for YG Ro to be in training until next year, at the General Assembly of AREN and they are LAVINIA RIZEA and RUXANDRA TOMA.

We summarized the activities in which our members were involved, during the past year, among which: information programmes about energy aspects in schools and high schools, the drawing and essay contest Alexandru Ene, The Nuclear Energy Magazine, The Paper Tree (www.copaculdehartie.ro), participation in and at IYNC (www.iync.org) and ENYGF (www.enygf.eu).

We will publish on this blog the presentations held and also, we are looking forward to receiving the articles of Alin Tatu, Lavinia Rizea and Livia Chitu about the subject discussed at the workshop. We’ll keep you posted about the organization of trips for tehnical visits .

The YG Ro Acorn

In order to sum up the features of the Romanian Young Generation Department as: youth, long lasting and full of energy, the acorn includes best all these as the seed of the oak tree – a traditional Romanian symbol.

We introduce to you the new logo of the Romanian Young Generation Department in AREN, centered around an acorn – a future resistant oak tree, in stead of an atom on its orbital.

Logo YG Ro 2011

New YGRo image

Young Generation Romania is launching a new logo to serve it’s fresh image and the youthful enthusiasm…SOON.

Welcome to the redesigned aren.ro

Hope the information will be much easier to access! Let us know if you like the new design.

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